Sunday, December 21, 2014

It Is Time To Restore The Sanity To Social Advocacy

Every group and interest needs an advocate. Those in the liberal media are quick to mock the idea that some groups (e.g. men, white people, straight people) would ever have anything to complain about. However, when you get past the modern, liberal academic idea that everyone is just their group and individuals don’t matter, you realize that injustice happens to everyone. Some groups, of course, are much more prone to it (women more so than men, people of color more so than whites, etc.). And so, more energy and resources should go towards protecting their interest. But everyone needs an advocate. Even Jesus Christ is described as an advocate for all who put their faith in Him (which can be you if it isn’t already – some recommended resources:, (1 John 2:1).

The problem has arisen in many circles where those who advocate for other groups are being drowned out by those in their movement who advocate evil, outlandish, or otherwise ridiculous views and then express and advocate for them. Because advocacy is so important (especially for minority groups), it is important that sanity is brought back into the discussion. Here are a few examples, and more are likely to come in the future.

Friday, December 5, 2014

Why The (Non-Lethal) Shooting of Lavar Jones Is More Terrifying Than Michael Brown or Eric Garner

Many people have not heard about Lavar Jones, a black man who was shot by a white police officer in South Carolina last September. There are probably reasons why it didn’t grab national attention. Jones survived (thankfully). The officer was charged (case still pending). And it was on video tape, so there wasn't ambiguity, which means it could not easily be used to divide the races and give a platform to those who make a living of racial discord. But despite the lack of media attention and the much better outcome than the other cases, this is a situation that I think is far more alarming than the killings of Michael Brown or Eric Garner.