Sunday, February 22, 2009

Downloading Music: Theft With A Purpose?

All right, my first real post :D

And I’m going to go over a blog post I was recently shown regarding music piracy and the warm and cuddly Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA).

For the record, I do not download music or burn other people’s CDs, and I think it is generally a sin to do so. That’s not to say I approve of how the RIAA conducts itself; I just don’t approve of piracy and believe no child of God should.

I have recently started a bit of a dialogue with some of my brothers and sisters at my school, and one of my brothers showed me this blog. It’s been said that it does a good job of justifying music piracy for the purpose of changing the music industry. I thought I’d give some thoughts about it from my Christian perspective, since after all, this is a blog and therefore I assume you who read it are interested in what I have to say (for which I am very grateful, and hope you don’t leave disappointed).
This is actually based on a response to some longer, written dialogue, but I think it stands alone as well.

So Now I Have A Blog

Hello, I'm Joey, and this is my blog, 3-Ring Binder.

Since most blogs are just people talking about themselves, I'm going to start of by doing it on purpose. So, here's a few things you should know about me:

- I am a Christian, and I don't just mean my parents took me to church as a kid and I'm white so I must be Christian. No, I really do believe in and worship the Lord Jesus Christ, the son of the Lord God Almighty. Much of what I talk about will center around this. I am one of those wackos, but the kind who people like, not the kind who scream "God hates Fags" at funerals.