Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Book Review - Not Who I Want to Be by Glenn Sasscer

Glenn Sasscer's book, Not Who I Want to Be, attempts to look at how the person God wants you to be may differ from you are now, how various factors in life can affect you and cause this difference, and how you don't have to stay the person who you do not what to be.

Sasscer’s book offers some useful insights. He delves into a very broad array of influences in our lives, from family to the media to the spiritual realm and even the deep emotional pains many have held onto much of their lives. In that sense, it is more broad than deep, but it does a good job of getting the ball rolling. And the soul-searching that the reader is walked through in the final chapters does go fairly deep, for what it is worth.

I have no doubt that many readers could benefit from the book. It should have at least a positive influence on the reader. I would say I personally fit into that camp. For some, I could see this book as being potentially be life-changing, depending on where you are with God.